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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Reason Why Rhesus Negative People Are Being Tracked

I've seen a lot of different posts on different online forums asking questions such as "Why would the Illuminati (CIA) be studying Rh negative blood?" and "Why would the government be tracking Rh negative people?" I have been asking these same questions. As  a young teenager I began sensing that I was being closely monitored. A chain of events in my life lead me to research the possible reason behind why I was feeling this way. I believe many other Rh negative people have noticed the very same thing going on in their own lives. Not all Rh negative people will notice blantant intrusions in their lives, because not all Rh negative people are targeted. Intelligence agencies are interested in a certain carrier of Rh negative blood.They are looking for people who have a complete deletion of the RhD gene. Nearly all Caucasians with Rh negative blood have a total deletion of the RhD gene. It is extremely rare for Africans and Asians to have a complete deletion of the RhD gene. African and Asian people with Rh negative blood usually always have a RhD gene it's just inactive. If they do have a deleted RhD gene it is caused by recent admixture with the Caucasian race.

The intelligence agencies also prefer Rh negative people who possess the CCR5 Delta 32 gene, although this is not mandatory. The CCR5 delta 32 gene is a mutated form of the CCR5 gene. The Mutation is caused by a deletion of 32 base pairs normally found on the CCR5 gene. This gene is found only in European, West Asian and North African populations. The CCR5 delta 32 gene originated in the Caucasian race, and is only found in West Asian and North African populations due to admixture, and it isn't found in the Sub Saharan African population. This gene causes people to have a resistance to the HIV virus and other diseases that need the CCR5 protein to enter cells in order to cause infection.

These rare deleted genes originated in the Caucasian race, and having these genes can cause you to be a targeted individual. You may experience a wide variety of intrusions into your life, these intrusions can range from simply having medical records monitored to mysterious paranormal experiences. I'm going to share everything I know about why Rh negative people are being monitored. I'm about to share a lot of controversial information, please don't shy away because this information would be classified as conspiracy theories by the mainstream public. This article is going to dive into a lot of Information that was once classified top secret. I'm only sharing what I've researched and found to be truthful. Please further research anything you read in this article, so you can decide for yourself what is or isn't factual. I've spent countless months researching this topic, and what you are about to read is truthful to the best of my knowledge.

         "In war, truth is the first causality"                                        - Aeschylus

I came across a very interesting whistleblower by the name of James Casbolt. He claims to be a former MI-6 agent who worked in "Black ops" drug trafficking operations during the mid to late 90's in London, England. He has spoken out about black operations that involve the recruitment and study of Rh negative people. James was born into Project Mannequin, a mind control and genetic manipulation program run by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United Kingdom. The NSA is an American organization that runs projects in and outside of the United States. James stated he was chosen for project Mannequin, which is a British MKUltra sub project, due to his fathers involvment in the Illuminati intelligence community, and because he possesses rare celtic genetics, he and his family have Rh negative blood.

James Casbolt has reported that the NSA recruits Celtic Rh negative people because they believe people with these genetics have a predisposition to have paranormal experiences and psychic abilities, such as telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance. For many generations ancient Celtic people practised psychic and magic rituals for their pagan religion of Druidry. The NSA and other top intelligence agencies believe psychic abilities are in the genetic memories of the Rh negative bloodlines. Even if a Rh negative individual hasn't practised PSI abilities,they can be easily trained to do so.

Researchers first suspected genetic memories were possible when they began studying the migration of monarch butterflies. Beginning in September and October, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from southern Canada and the United States to overwintering sites in central Mexico where they arrive in November. The butterflies begin the return trip in March, and arrive in July. The life span of an individual butterfly is to short for it to complete the entire round trip. Female monarchs lay eggs during the migration, and it takes at least 3 generations of butterflies to migrate from Canada to Mexico, and it takes no less than 5 generations to migrate from Mexico to Canada. The migration of the monarch butterfly baffled scientists for many years because the butterflies know where to go without ever taking the trip before. No matter when or where the monarch butterfly matures it knows the migration route. Researchers have hypothesized that the migration is genetically programmed within the butterfly. This phenomenon has been dubbed as "genetic memory".  Researchers have also wondered if humans have genetic memories, and whether different ethnic groups have thier own unique genetic memories. Scientific research must have concluded humans have genetic memories because Rh negative people have been used by numerous intelligence agencies in a multitude of different classified projects because of their psychic genetic memories.

 In 1979, United States intelligence sources learned that the Soviet Union wa spending 60 million rubles annually on paranormal research. In response to the rumors that he Soviet Union had favorable results, U S. Intelligence agencies began funding their own  research programs. The U.S  military was very interested in psychic abilities, and the potential use of such abilities in military and domestic applications. In 1979 at Fort Meade, Maryland, a U.S. army unit later known as the "Stargate Project" was established by the Defense Intelligence Agency to hone the craft of psychic powers and apply it for military use. The one of the main purposes of Project Stargate was to create a breed of super soldier who would have powerful psychic abilities, such as the ability to become invisible at will, walk through walls and "remote view"; the ability to see events, people, places or things from a great distance away, using nothing but mind power.

The men who served in this army unit were highly decorated military officials, and they took project Stargate very seriously. Major General Albert Stubblebine was a major proponent of project Stargate and psychic warfare from 1979 to 1984. He initiated "Project Jedi" within project Stargate which he commanded from 1981 to 1984, to create a psychic super soldier. Stubblebine was forced to take "early retirement" from the Army in 1984, after some controversy that involved violations due to uncleared civilians working in restricted areas that processed classified information. This is the official reason behind his early retirement but I believe there is more to it because Stubblebine was a high ranking military official  He was a key leader in the 1983 invasion of Grenada and was, according to a 1983 article published by the Daily Mail "at the heart of America's military machine". In 1990, Stubblebine was inducted into the Military Hall of Fame. This man clearly took his military service serious. So it is obvious the military and the government took psychic abilities very seriously.

I believe Major General Albert Military decorations speak for themselves.
1st Row: Army Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit.
2nd Row: Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal.
3rd Row: Army Commendation Medal, Army Occupation Medal, National Defence Service Medal.
4th Row: Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal 1st Class, Vietnam Campaign Medal.
5th Row: Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Award, Vietnam Civil Actions Unit Citation.

Project Stargate ran under the Defense Intelligence Agency for 16 years, until in 1995 the FY Defense Appropriations bill directed that the program be transfered to the CIA. The CIA was instructed to conduct a review of the program. In 1995 the CIA contracted the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to evaluate project Stargate. Their final report was released to the public, November 28, 1995. The final recommendation by AIR was to terminate the Stargate effort. The CIA concluded that there was no case which psychic abilities helped guide intelligence operations. This is obviously a blatant lie. 

There is no way the military would have spent millions of dollars, and have their top men work for decades on a project that did not yeild the expected results. I believe that due  to the countless security breaches the project had under the Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA decided to take over the project in order to continue it in total secrecy. What better way to throw off the general public than to release the projects supposed classified documents and discredit the entire project. The CIA caused the public to be outraged, because they declared that the U.S. military spent 20 million dollars of tax payer money on a futile attempt to militarize something as ridiculous as psychic powers. The CIA through the Freedom of Information Act system released 12,000 files totaling 89,000 pages of material, declaring that this was all the research ever conducted within project Stargate. I have my doubts that this material included anywhere near all of the research. The CIA most likely confiscated the most promising research for themselves in order to take the program underground.

I covered project Stargate in order to give you a firm understanding that the top intelligence agencies and militaries of the world know PSI abilities are real! They began trying to militarize these abilities over 40 years ago. As of now, they've perfected the militarization of PSI abilities and have been using these abilities for quite some time. Through rigorous study they've learned that Rh negative people are predisposed to have PSI abilities and are more likely to have paranormal experiences. This is one of the reasons why intelligence agencies are monitoring and recruiting Rh negative people.

Another program intelligence agencies are recruiting Rh negative people for is Project MKUltra, a mind control program. The people who run this program believe Rh negative people are prime candidates for truma based mind control due to their genetic memories. Could this be why all the major political figures have this blood type? It has been rumored for sometime that the presidents and prime ministers of western nations are merely puppets for a shadow government. Has the shadow government chosen to put people with Rh negative blood in positions of power because they are easily controlled?

James Casbolt was used as a mind control slave much like Cathy O'Brien. Cathy is also of celtic descent and was part of the American run mind control program called Project Monarch. Project Monarch was yet another sub project of the CIA's main Project MKUltra. You can find out more about Project Monarch and Project Mannequin by reading Cathy O'Brien's book "Trance Formation of America" and James Casbolt's book "Agent Burried Alive". I find it compelling that two mind control victims from different countries have both disclosed in their books that intelligence agencies are looking to recruit Rh negative people of Celtic  descent for mind control and genetic manipulation programs. Intelligence agencies are very interested in the genetics of Celtic Rh negative people because they believe these people are direct descendants of the lost tribe of Dan.

 The American mind control program project Monarch is named after the monarch butterfly. I find the name of this operation of particular interest because the scientific name for the monarch butterfly is Danaus Plexippus, and it was named after Danaus a great great grandson of Zeus and the mortal woman Lo. Egyptian historical records mention men by the name of Cadmus and Danaus fleeing from Egypt with their followers. They were said to settle in Greek lands. Danaus was of the tribe of Dan. He and his people invaded the Greek city of Argos, Danaus became bacame ruling King of the city. Diordorus the Greek historian recorded that Israelites did indeed settle in the city states of Argos, Athens, and Colchis. So it seems project monarch was symbolically named after the tribe of Dan and their genetic memories.

What is also of interest is Danaus's great great grand daughter Danaë had a son with Zeus who is known as Perseus. Perseus is known as the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Danaans (Tribe of Dan). Perseus is the great grandfather of Hercules. It is a well known fact that the father of Hercules is Zeus. Why would Zeus the God continuously mate and bare children within the same family? Wouldn't that be an act of incest? Could the Zeus character found multiple times in this family tree be different people from the same race of "God's"?

Perhaps this family tree doesn't represent a long line of inbreeding with the same individual "God" but it tells us of multiple god like individauls from the same highly advanced race mated with early humans creating a hybrid race. Greek mythology seems to tell the same story that the early Bible scripture does. Could Zeus and the other Greek gods be what the Bible called "Nephilim"?

James Casbolt has disclosed that the Rh negative Tribe of Dan have a stronger connection with the "Nephilim" of the bible than Rh positive people.  The Bible states in Genesis 6:4  "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men, who were of old, men of renown." Religious people believe the Nephilim were hybrid children of fallan angels and human women.  While non-religious people believe the writers of the Bible described an early incursion of ancient alien astronauts, who bred with human women and created a hybrid race.

Let's look into what the Bible has to say about this tribe of people. The tribe is named after their ancestor Dan, who was the 5th son of Jacob. Jacob was renamed Israel by God, and was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. The tribe of Dan is omitted from the 12 tribes of  the sons of Israel, in regard to the 144,000 sealed Israelites. Instead of Dan, the tribe of Joseph appears twice, being represented by Manasseh. This is testimony to the unworthiness of Dan. Dan means to "judge, rule, or govern." What a coincidence that the British monarchy and the western leaders are Rh negative. Dan is described as a serpent, which many interpret as a connection between Dan and Satan. Genesis 49:17 "Let Dan be a serpent by the road side, a horned viper by the path, That bites the horses heel, so that the rider tumbles backward." Early Christian writers, such as Hippolytus, believed that the tribe of Dan will give rise to the Antichrist. Bible prophecies seem to provide hints and obscure warnings about this tribe. The prophecies imply that the tribe of Dan has become mixed with fallen angels and will play a malevolent role in the end times.

Even if this seems like total nonsense to you we must take the fact that top intelligence agencies of the world believe that the Nephilim existed very seriously. These people truely believe remnants of the Nephilim race can be found in the Rh negative human population. I wanted to know if there was any definitive proof that the tribe of Dan actually have Rh negative blood, and I learned of the Ethiopian Jews known as Beta Israel who claim direct descent from the tribe of Dan. Their claims are supported by former Shepardic Cheif Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. When Solomon's Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC, the tribe of Dan migrated from Jerusalem into the kingdom of Kush, which is now modern day Ethiopia and Sudan. Rh negative blood is found among the Ethiopians at a frequency of 8%. This is a substantially higher rate than the general African population. Africans typically only have a 1-3% frequency of Rh negative blood. Ethiopia's higher frequency of Rh negative blood seems to back the claims of intelligence agencies that the tribe of Dan possesses Rh negative blood.

According to James Casbolt the NSA has implemented a plan to track down the descendent's of the Nephilim or the lost "Tribe of Dan". Apparently they called this operation "Project Oaktree". This doesn't seem like a far fetched project for the NSA to take on due to the fact tracking and monitoring large groups of people is what this agency does.

The NSA has records on all US citizens. The NSA also gathers information on anyone who might be of interest to any of the over 50,000 NSA agents. These agents are authorized by executive order to spy on anyone they deem of interest. The NSA has a permanent national security anti-terrorist surveillance network in place. This surveillance network is completely disguised and hidden from the general public. Tracking individuals in the US is easily and cost effectively implemented with the NSA's electronic surveillance network. This network covers the entire US and other parts of the world, involves tens of thousands of NSA personal, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously. NSA personal have quasi-public positions in our communities, and run cover businesses that can inform the intelligence community of persons of interest. NSA personal in the community tend to use occupations of social workers, lawyers and business owners as cover identities. So if you're an Rh negative individual and have had strange experiences with public officials, you may very well have been dealing with an undercover intelligence agent. 

A lot of the time Rh negative people are worth more to intelligence agencies dead than alive. Everyone knows how valuable O negative blood is. If you have this blood you are constantly pestered to donate it. Many of us do donate on a regular basis because we are guilted into believing one day we may be unfortunate enough to need it and not have it. This simple fact is one all Rh negative people live with. Even though many of us donate blood on a routine basis the blood supply for Rh negative blood is in a constant state of shortage. Many of us realise we can't rely heavily on the blood banks so we join emergency Rh negative blood registries as a precautionary measure. The registry allows us to call on an Rh negative person in our area to donate blood in the case of an emergency. What is causing the constant blood shortages when Rh negative people are the only ones who need this blood? All other people can use O positive blood and people with O positive blood make up at least 40% of the overall population. It wouldn't surprise me if O negative blood was ending up in research labs. Just like it didn't surprise me in the least when it came to light that Planned Parenthood officials were caught selling aborted fetuses to research labs. So it shouldn't surprise you that Rh negative people are worth more dead than alive. Rh negative human tissue and organs are more than likley in high demand when it comes to black market organ sales. They assume Rh factor isn't of any significance when it comes to organ transplantation because the Rh antigen is only present on the surface of the red blood cells and not on the parenchymal cells of the graft. They do admit that Rh incompatibility can lead to problems due to passenger lymphocyte syndrome. The truth is there hasn't been many studies conducted on the effects of Rh incompatible transplantation because they've put so much faith into their assumption that it doesn't have much of an affect on the procedure. The studies that have been conducted contradict this assumption. One publication that followed 6 Rh negative organ recipients who received Rh incompatible transplants reported; 3 out of 6 patients died of infectious complications or acute Graft Versus Host Disease. Of the 3 patients who survived, two had haemolysis and were transfusion dependent for a prolonged period of time. The third patient remained transfusion dependent 15 months after transplantation, this patient developed an autoantibody in addition to the D alloantibody. I found another publication that followed 29 Rh negative people who received Rh positive organs, 8 of 29 people died 2 months after the transplant surgery.

 These publications may only report on a small group of people but it is obvious having an Rh incompatible transplant will cause serious complications and possibly even death. The possibility of death would cause people who are Rh negative to want to have Rh compatable transplants at any cost. I imagine these people wouldn't mind paying extra money to have as close of a perfect match as possible. Most people are registered donors. Even if you aren't a donor, upon death health care providers have no shame to ask your grieving loved ones to sign on the dotted line to donate your organs. It would be very interesting to see where all the donted organs go, I bet many of them are smuggled outside of the country to be sold for big money all over the world.

People who have Rh negative blood especially O negative blood are highly valued for their genetic material in the medical community. Research being conducted on Rh negative blood is responsible for revolutionary medical break throughs. The mainstream media is only beginning to report on the scientific research being conducted on Rh negative blood. The Advanced Cell Technology Centre in Massachusetts, US, and the University of Illinois have reported that they are currently extracting stem cells from 2 week old human embryos in order to make O negative blood. These embryos are "destroyed" following the experiment. So in order to make O negative blood they are killing what could've been a living breathing person. They are willing to admit to harvesting human embryos and growing them just to extract a small amount of stem cells. Dr. Robert Lanza, who is the lead researcher of this program has said "Embryonic stem cells represent a new source of cells that can be propagated and expanded indefinitely, providing a potential inexhaustible source of red blood cells for human therapy."

I find this type of medical research morally unethical. Dr.Lanza has not disclosed how he obtains the Rh negative human embryos. I also find it deeply disturbing that human life is started just to be snuffed out. If the mainstream is willing to admit to using human embryos and fetuses for scientific research, it is scary to think about the depravity that is going on in classified research programs. If multibillionaires or their loved ones were faced with a debilitating illness or death, they will and can use their money and power to do whatever it takes to heal themselves or prolong their lives, even if what they're doing could be considered crimes against humanity. The richest people of the world are looking for the elixir of life! They are chasing after immortality and if that means funding top secret research labs and abducting and killing people in order to live forever they will. There are many eye witness accounts of such research labs. Many people need to see in order to believe but some things you should never have to lay your eyes on!

There are agents living amoung us reporting to intelligence agencies. These agents typically work government jobs that hold some form of authority over the general public. If you're a Rh negative person and it seems that no matter how hard you try it always seems that you can't get a head in life it could be because you actually have people working against you. Let's say you are down and out and you have to seek government assistance but you are declined repeatedly this could be a ploy by an intelligence agency to try to make you commit suicide. Let's say you are suffering from depression because your life has been sabotaged, and no matter how hard you try to get help through mental health services you get no where this could be a ploy to get you to commit suicide. These are just a few common ways intelligence agencies target Rh negative people. This may seem unbelievable to some people but unless you yourself are a targeted individual you may never understand.

The NSA could track and monitor the tribe of Dan with relative ease because they know that the tribe of Dan have a distinct genetic marker, which is the Rh negative blood factor. People in western nations have mandatory blood tests whenever a new child is being brought into existence. The blood type of the child is recorded within a permanent medical record. These medical records are kept in a government owned electronic database. Anytime you visit an emergency room within a government run hospital or your very own family doctor, your medical history is logged into an electronic database under your health card number. So it would be very easy for the NSA to find and track all Rh negative individuals by accessing this electronic database.

I think if we look into the past of blood research we will better understand what is happening today. The Rh factor was discovered in 1940 with the help of a series of scientists but the scientist who was most prominent in blood research was Karl Landsteiner. Landsteiner was the first to discover the 3 main blood groups, A, B, and O. Landsteiner began working for the Rockefeller institute in 1922.

The Rockefeller's are one of the 13 Illuminati families, they have been involved in funding contriversial medical research for well over 160 years. John D. Rockefeller, Sr. founded the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in 1901 in New York, US. During his lifetime he donated $530,853,63 to medical research alone. This is only the amount that can be traced. We probaly will never know true extent of his spending on medical research.

John D. Rockefeller Sr. 

The Rockefeller foundation awarded $576,000 to the infamous Kaiser Wilhelm Institute between 1926 to 1929, this was a ridiculous amount of money for that time! The Rockefeller foundation helped fund the Nazi eugenics program, and even funded the program Josef Mengele "The Angel of Death" worked in before he went to Auschwitz. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology and Eugenics in Berlin was given 9 thousand dollars over a 3 year period in 1932 by the Rockefeller Foundation to specifically research twins. We all have heard of the horror stories surrounding twin experimentation within the Nazi regime. Josef Megele performed twin to twin blood transfusions. I find this interesting because it shows that the elite of that time were very interested in blood. At that time it was a popular belief that human qualities and conditions such as talent and poverty were passed down through the blood. Imagine what people with these beliefs would have thought when they discovered the rare Rh negative blood factor, and that the white European race has this factor at a greater frequency than the rest of the human population! I imagine they would have wanted to know why this blood was so rare, and if these people possessed any special or rare attributes.

We will probaly never know what the twin research concluded. Most twins suffered excruciatingly painful medical experiments and were disposed of with a needle to the heart or a bullet to the back of the head. Their organs would then be collected and sent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, along with the reports of all the grisly medical experiments that were performed, in order for the Rockefeller Foundation in America to be up to date on all the latest findings.

It is said the Josef Mengele perfected the art of mind control while at Aushwitz. He was believed to have been secretly recruited by the CIA shortly before WW2 came to an end to work as the head programmer of their mind control operation. He took on the alias of "Dr. Green". Many of the recruited Nazi Germany doctors took on names ending with colors such as; Doctor White, Black and Blue. All of these doctors worked on perfecting mind control programing and were trained by Josef Mengele. A lot of Mengeles mind control victims in Israel and other parts of the world still lovingly call him " Papa".

 The mainstream media would have you believe he escaped to South America with all of his scientific research where he lived out his life in hiding, until he drowned off the coast of Brazil in 1979. There is no doubt that he was in South America. You do not have to look any further than Cândido Godói, a German settlement in South Brazil to find Mengeles presence. This is a municipality that is famously known for the high number of twins born there. The rate of twin births in this area is 10%, significantly higher than the less than 1% frequency of all of Brazil. Beginning in 1963 Josef Mengele attended the women of the settlement during their pregnancies under the alias " Rudulf Weiss", he also attended animals. He made claims to the local people that he could cause cattle to have twin births. These claims amazed the local people because at the time people didn't know such a thing could be possible. Mengele didn't arrive in this community til 1963  and only spent a few short years there. It is very possible that the countless eye witness accounts placing him all over the world practising the trade of trama based control are truthful.

Picture 1: This is a photo from a yearbook published in 1949 by the Saint Michel Archange Hospital in Quebec City, Canada. The man on the far left is believed to be Josef Mengele. I must say this man bears a striking resemblance to Mengele.
Pictures 2, 3, & 4: I've added these pictures so you can compare a known side profile picture of Josef Mengele with the above picture from the year book. Keep in mind that pictures 2, 3, and 4 predate the yearbook photo by 10 years

Since the 1960's the screening process for Rh negative blood has been fully developed. In western nations all pregnant women are tested for Rh negative blood. If they are found to have Rh negative blood further screening is done to learn whether or not the baby being carried is Rh negative. If the fetus is Rh positive the mothers body will produce Rh antibodies after being exposed to the baby's Rh positive red blood cells. If the mother hasn't produced these antibodies the baby is Rh negative. Every child that is born has a blood type test administered. Every Rh negative child born is medically recorded. So it seems Rh negative people have been closely monitored since the 1960's. The elite of the world seem to think of Rh negative people as no more than lab rats, perfect candidates for trauma based mind control and other secret experimental programs. Rh negative people are used as slaves because they are easy to mentally break, and they possess rare DNA that many researches are interested in.

Today we can find countless mainstream researchers conducting studies on Rhesus negative blood, but most of these studies have been embargoed from the general public for several years. Only the researchers and the people funding the research are able to freely access this information. So it seems the general public will always be behind when it comes to the latest medical information and knowing what the implications of this research will have on mankind.

 The disturbing medical research that was conducted the turn of the 19th century is now becoming easily accessible to the general public. We should look back on what the elite were doing secretly almost a century ago, and realise that they've continued their unethical research and they are doing it on a far greater scale then ever before. Horrifying medical experiments funded by the elite are being conducted around the world as I write this article. We must remember that the doctors and medical researchers of Nazi Germany received the funding to conduct their beastly experiments from wealthy American foundations such as the Rockefeller foundation.  The defense of many of the doctors during the Nuremberg Trials was that they only did what the American instsitutes funded them to do. Many of these doctors were condemned to death, while their American counterparts, like John D. Rockefeller Jr who was the chairman of the Rockefeller foundation at that time, were never made to answer to their crimes against humanity. This man and his empire were never brought to justice. He continued on his path to global domination, and succesfully passed on the reins to the next generation.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. 

The experiments conducted during Nazi Germany is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crimes against humanity that the Rockefeller family has committed. Since WW2 this mighty family has only grown in wealth and power. For several generations this elite family has conspired to bring about a new world order. They helped fund the scientific research needed to create mind controlled slaves. They needed these slaves to infiltrate the positions of power within the government of all the Western nations in order to have full control of the most powerful countries. The plan of the 13 Illuminati families is to have full control of the world through a one world government. Rh negative people have been used as political puppets by the Illuminati empire to further their goal of world domination.

We are now living in the age of information. People are beginning to realize the world's wealthiest people are in full control of how our countries are run and that these wealthy people have their own plans for the future of humanity. Democracy is a sham and elections are fraudulent scams. People are globally connected like never before by communication. It's very easy for large numbers of people to share and gain information. The internet has given independent news programs a cost effective way to broadcast to large numbers of people. People are turning to alternative media for truthful unbiased news and are shying away from the corrupt mainstream media. Before the internet people had to rely on traditional mainstream newspapers, and televised news programs to learn about current world events. Most people relied on a single news station to gain all of their information. They had to trust those news programs report unbiased truthful information. Think of how easy it would be to deceive the masses and sway public opinion if you controlled all of the major information sources. Well let's see what the elite have to say on this subject;

"We are grateful to the Washington post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to March towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller, speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany.

Notice how He used the pronouns "We, us, and our", he is speaking for all of the elite brotherhood. It's as if these people have a hive mind! I've pointed out how blantant the their plan is for world domination and how close they are to realizing their goal in order for you to get a better understanding of how far their money reaches within the worlds current system. Let's move on to the fact that these same elite family's, who were caught funding Nazi Germany's beastly eugenics programs, have continued their murderous scientific research right up to the present day. We know in order for the elite to conduct the scientific research they are interested in they need humans, lots and lots of humans. Preferably white, blond haired, blue eyed humans!! As I write this article people are being abducted right under our noses. I feel that if we look to the missing people of North America they will shed some light on the elites present day human experimentation programs.

A man by the name of David Paulides has been researching the mysterious disappearances of people in National parks, and urban areas. David has a research project called Missing 411, he began this project full time when he was doing some research at a national park, and was approached by an off duty forest ranger. This ranger knew of David's background as a investigative journalist, he wanted to disclose to David his concern about the strange nature of some of the missing person cases which occur in the national parks. The ranger asked David if he would look into the missing persons cases to see if he could come up with any leads as to what or who is causing these people to go missing. Ever since the discussion David had with this forest ranger, he has been investigating missing person cases.

David now believes he has uncovered an active cover up surrounding the national park disappearances. He found evidence that proves all levels of law enforcement, and the government have been beyond negligent in keeping track of all the missing people, and the continuous series of disappearances from the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world. David requested information from the National Park Service (NPS) under the Freedom of Information Act about the missing persons, he was told that there weren't any records. David kept pushing to try to get information about the national park disappearances, by law because he is a published author he is entitled to an exemption from any fees associated with obtaining the records from the NPS. Later, on an attorney representing the NPS called David and questioned him on why he wanted the information, then the attorney told him that NPS would not waive the fee associated with obtaining the records because Davids' books weren't popular enough. Due to this the attorney told him if he wanted the records from Yosemite National Park, it would cost him $34,000, and if he wanted records from all of the national parks, it would cost $1.4 million. The records that David requested and was told did not exist apparently cost over a million dollars to obtain. It is clear that the government does not want this information out.David has also begun investigating disappearances in populated urban areas. He has found odd reoccurring similarities between the disappearances, so much so he has been able to come up with a profile. I will outline some of the details included in David's profile;

  • The victims are college aged men (usually between 18-24, although one was 31);
  • The victims are usually top scholars and athletic. Many are attending university on athletic scholarships;
  • The victims are mainly white, and of German descent;
  • The victims are often religious;
  • The victims typically disappear in the fall or winter months while attending school;
  • The victims often disappear on or around holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's;
  • Prior to disappearing the victims are often attending a party, bar, or other populated public place; where they are usually seen being approached by strangers, either individuals or groups of people, including women;
  • While at the bar the victim appears to get intoxicated very fast, faster than usual;
  • At some point while at a bar, party, ecr the victims become separated from their friends;
  • The victims tend to et off on foot in odd directions, ie. Away from home;
  • The victims disappear without any witnesses, and their disappearances are never caught on security cameras;
  • The victims are generally reported missing very quickly;
  • The victims go missing for a period of time, while others are never found;
  • During the search for the victim search/cadaver dogs are often unable to track a scent. It's been speculated that the victims may have been transported by vehicles;
  • A few victims are found unconscious or barely conscious, and are unable to recollect what happened to them;
  • The victims are most often found dead in a body of water;
  • The victims are often missing shoes and/or other articles of clothing;
  • The area where the victim is found is often searched extensively numerous times prior to finding the victim. It's as if the victim just appears out of no where
  • The victims are found to have GHB the "date rape" drug in their systems;
  • The victims bodies tend to not show signs of trauma or typical signs of a struggle.;
  • The victims bodies show no sign of foul play and coroners tend to have a hard time finding the cause of death;
  • The FBI and other agencies such as the Green Berets Special Forces of the United States Army show up to investigate some of these cases even before there is any evidence of a crime;
  • people who do witness something strange related to the disappearance are usually questioned by FBI and other agencies but their testimony is never found in the official report.
I believe these deaths and disappearances are caused by intelligence agencies who are working with the military on classified programs. I believe the people are being abducted to see whether they are suitable for recruitment. The ones who aren't suitable are found dead or barely alive, and the ones who are suitable will never be seen again. Why else would they be targeting young male students of German descent, who are highly intelligent and/or extremely athletic. David has found geographical clusters where the disappearances are occurring. What I find interesting is there seems to be a correlation between where the disappearances are occurring and where known military bases are located. 

Map of known military bases.

Map of missing persons clusters. Do you notice how both maps have an area down the middle of the map where there aren't any recorded missing persons or any military bases?

Once you carefully compare maps you find many perplexing coincidences. It's seems all of the missing person clusters are near military bases. Since we know where the disappearances are happening, we can use geoprofiling to locate the base of the abductors. A criminal who commits a series of crimes does so in a particular pattern. The criminal does not want to get caught (even if the criminals are government agencies), so they choose locations a good distance from their permanent residence/base. However the criminal also want to have easy access to the crime location. So the crime location will not be to far from the residence/base of the criminal. With these ideas in mind, if we know where the criminal is committing his crimes, we can construct a model of his "buffer zone," inside of which he does not commit crime. With high probability, most of his crimes will lie just outside the buffer zone. The key to this model's usefulness is working in reverse:we want to figure out where a criminals residence is from the locations of his crimes. Since we already know where the disappearances are occuring, we may optimize a search for the offenders residence.

A standard model of Geoprofiling. If you keep this model in mind while you look at the locations of the disappearances and where the military bases are located it will give you a firm understanding of who is at fault for the disappearances; government funded agencies! 

I believe that the reason why the FBI and other special forces are showing up to investigate the disappearances is because they are competing for knowledge. The CIA is most likely behind the disappearances with the help of different military factions. The FBI and the CIA have long competed with one another. They are always trying to figure out what each other are doing when it comes to classified projects. This competition has been going on since the 1950's. 

I'm going to end this article now. It's taken me forever to complete this write up. Every time I would bring it up to work on I would find large pieces of information missing. Every time I finished writing a paragraph I would always save. To combat this problem I would write my article using my own program, than copy and paste my work over to blogger. I find it strange that I haven't had this issue with any of my other posts til this one. Anyways I hope you found this article interesting. I enjoyed researching the topic. I plan to continue researching this topic. Anything new I learn will be added to this post. Please feel free to comment below anything you may know or may have experienced pertaining to Rh negative monitoring. Thank you for  your time!


  1. Thank you very much. Being a targeted person myself I can verify that the same things happen to myself when it comes to, my life being sabotaged, I'm gang stalked as well as my video evidence and other damning evidence disappears from my devices. Making others believe I'm crazy is what they have been doing to me. My wife and I used our pinewood in the exact same way and it so happens that my phone seemed like it was from another planet lol

  2. Things that happen to no other human being. Stories that could be told

  3. I just want to let the world know how true and real is the illuminati brotherhood.
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    1. I have always felt I was very special, especially in my younger years, when I was real young the age of 2 to 9 maybe, other kids said they wanted to be Dr etc when they grew up, me I said I wanted to be a nun, or an angel how odd now that I think about it but my life had been wild as in not what others feel but they act, I acted but I was not like them not even close!! I knew my father, and I actually called him my dad was Good, bit every turn I make never gets me anywhere except people love me, everyone falls in love with me men or women, so I feel nothing is real, I'm not real just disasterous!!!! I'm very strong and want to be who I feel,

    2. God I meant,, he I really called my dad that's how I know him, but yes I'm rh neg and I'm seeing people that die before they do, they come to my spiritual room before they pass, the last one stayed 3 days and my ex can confirm his mom's passing but exactly the hrs she came to see me when he wasn't with her at the nursing home, I had to excuse myself from my family to spend that time in my room with her, it wasn't strange to them because they'd seen this happen in the past with mr

  4. I want to be comfortable before I die, I think for all I've been through in deserve something

  5. I have so many things wrong but I still survive

  6. I know I'm here for something so let's do this why do I suffer or just get by, I'm ready I don't care anymore, I just want a small cabin on the mountain by myself, I'm to different to be around others

  7. I see seone going to respond

  8. Is someone going to respond?

    1. Ask our Father to reveal all Truth to you and you will be set free, find peace and know who you are in Him.

  9. Hello, my name is Kate I collected this information and wrote this blog. I'm wondering what you would like to know.
    I have a son who is 16 months old. I've been very busy with him and working a full time job to provide for him and my family. I haven't written anything new for a while due to the lack of time I have.

    1. Kate:

      Was there not a ton of comments from years back? What happened to them? B negative here

  10. l am o negative blood and strange things happen all my life, how l would love some success it is time, love and peace juliette xxx

    1. Same here. I negative and my life has been non stop hunted by mason/illuminati and other organizations. It is not pleasant but to be sought after that much proves you are special. Hang in there...

  11. Interesting article ty. I would like to re-publish it if you don't mind at my website. This is the address below. I will add a small editorial comment as well to connect a few other dots to some other information I have as well. If you are interested just leave a comment there or email me. Thanks


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    1. Please be very careful about spells. It could be from demons.
      Galatians 5:19-21
      19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

      20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

      21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

      King James Version (KJV)

      God forgives all who repent because His Son Jesus Christ died for sinners.
      Confess your sins to God through Jesus Christ as the Holy Bible asks you to do. 1 John 1:9
      If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

      It may seem like you are ok. Your partner came back but this could be a deceptive happinness. Anyone who seeks to control others by evil forces may very well have the same evil forces "turn on them" if they fail to continue to supply those forces with ongoing obedience or loyalty. Possibly,they could then apply afflictions to "keep" your loyalty. I would run like mad from witchcraft, practise of magic arts and spells lest you end up tangled up and unable to leave,
      This has been said in love to all people.
      May the Love of God through faith in Jesus Christ be yours. May God protect you from all evil. Amen.


  13. I am stalked, poisoned, falsly arrested, put in mental hospitals, denied bank accounts, phones, housing, I have weird numbers and letters on my skin, I have skin lesions, my leg is deformed, my cars are always manipulated, the family that raised me whom I believed was my biological family is not they just housed me and when I turned 36 my life drastically turned for the worst. I am for sure under government watch and torture down to the man I've been with for 9 years. I have went to the FBI in 2 states both asked me why me, and who was I. To than tell me I needed mental health. I remember as a little girl being able to see from standing on a platform over water I could see all the way to the bottom. I could seriously walk a fish to the banks and get it. I didn't know the pyschic abilities until I was fully submerged with my attacks. I have video of a Chattanooga, TN police officer attacking me with a big drone from across my street, and the only way I know he was there is my in concious told me. I have so many many terribly wrong accounts of things, with lots of it being filmed. I turned to documenting everything because no one or anything was helping me. Everyone surrounded by me is against me and yes they are trying to kill me. The Dr. The lie they come in my room in groups, it's very scary what's happening to me and I'm alone and have no friends be to go to law is involved. It's a crime what I'm being subjected to and there flat out trying to kill me.

    1. Thank you for your post. I too realized my physic and mental abilities while under attack. I can communicate telepathically in addition to seeing events to come in the future. From a spiritual aspect, darkness wants to kill us for the light we possess. Although painful times, their hands are tied from truly harming us. Actually, the more they torture us, the more they awaken our powers. Hang in there fam!

    2. It would work well for you to stop seeing yourself as so different and romantsizing a tragic drama filled existence. We are all unique in our own way. You are creating a self full filling prophecy by calling negative energy to yourself. Stop living through the ego. Love unconditionally, and learn to be a beacon of light for others. Give all glory and thanks to the most high. Are you not sick of being so self absorbed? Learn to tap into positive energy to help heal yourself and make a difference in the universe, the world, and manifest a better brighter tomorrow for yourself and all of us. Rewrite your story with a bright positive ending. I believe in you and you can make the change and resonate your beauty from within. Until then, stay out of National Parks. Joking.

    3. I don't understand why people who tell others to be a beacon of light are themselves coming off as a black hole. This person is obviously going through something horrifying and you felt the need to be self righteous. I just love reading the comments left on my blog. Many are desperate troubled souls seeking answers, others are light hearted and curious. Than we have close minded people who feel the need to spew negativity. I have become very busy with my life and have not had time to finish any further writing. What I do have in store for future posts will be extremely interesting and to most unbelievable and I know it will get shit on. I don't care though because for the people like me who have experienced the truly paranormal this world has to offer it will be satisfying and humbling to read. To know you are not alone. Also since uploading my research I have had very little interference with my personal life from government officials. I am still being monitored but I have been free to raise my family and live my life how I see fit. Before making this blog I could not gain any traction in my life due to people sabotaging everything I attempted to do. It could be a coincidence who knows. I know for a fact my blog gets more hits than Google analytics currently says. I know that if I were to continue writing I would have a huge reach. This I believe has spared me. I do not delete any comments except for spam. Illumunati and Snake oil posts. For some reason no matter how many times I report them they continue to land in my comment section. The comment section had many amazing posts. When Google+ came to an end all of the comments related to that site were deleted. Even though I haven't uploaded anything since 2016 my blog continues to get comments. I find the comments to be just as interesting as the articles. It adds so much energy. I eventually will upload more. I just need down time.

  14. My name is xiong vang my people are the hmongs from South ease Asia I came here during the Viet Nam war. We are just tribal people living up the mountains surrounded by Laos Cambodia and Vietnam. We are stuck up that mountain surrounded by busist while we were worshiping a sperit. For about five years now I gotten devorced and started feeling that I'm being followed but I didnt care I've gotten bathise and started folling God then I started hearing a high pitch ring and feeling strange emotions. There's been many people folling me so I began my own research. I don't know if I am rh negative but I've seen 24 pilllar and an eclipse and a crimson light came I to me while feeling love coming into me on a day where there was suppose to be two eclipse it was on Easter sunday. Then I drove across America got into a car reck going 120mph and came out without a scratch. Did some time and lurn things about the bible. Came out and it continue the emotions. So I left my home Georgia and went to Minnesota took a DNA test 23and me I don't know if they lied or what but I found out I am halpogroup A and L my A side goes back 275k years my L 180k. Now that I look at my life it seemed just like yours I feel like Truman in that Jim carry movie. I have been through so much but I feel yes rh negative should or should not be too open. There are lots of ignorant people out there people afrade or hatefull people. Thanks for your page tho. I see now that most wars in history has its own hidden agenda, that we are all apart of a grand design I just pray that Jesus comes back and the good guys win.

  15. My name is xiong vang my people are the hmongs from South ease Asia I came here during the Viet Nam war. We are just tribal people living up the mountains surrounded by Laos Cambodia and Vietnam. We are stuck up that mountain surrounded by busist while we were worshiping a sperit. For about five years now I gotten devorced and started feeling that I'm being followed but I didnt care I've gotten bathise and started folling God then I started hearing a high pitch ring and feeling strange emotions. There's been many people folling me so I began my own research. I don't know if I am rh negative but I've seen 24 pilllar and an eclipse and a crimson light came I to me while feeling love coming into me on a day where there was suppose to be two eclipse it was on Easter sunday. Then I drove across America got into a car reck going 120mph and came out without a scratch. Did some time and lurn things about the bible. Came out and it continue the emotions. So I left my home Georgia and went to Minnesota took a DNA test 23and me I don't know if they lied or what but I found out I am halpogroup A and L my A side goes back 275k years my L 180k. Now that I look at my life it seemed just like yours I feel like Truman in that Jim carry movie. I have been through so much but I feel yes rh negative should or should not be too open. There are lots of ignorant people out there people afrade or hatefull people. Thanks for your page tho. I see now that most wars in history has its own hidden agenda, that we are all apart of a grand design I just pray that Jesus comes back and the good guys win.

  16. My name is xiong vang my people are the hmongs from South ease Asia I came here during the Viet Nam war. We are just tribal people living up the mountains surrounded by Laos Cambodia and Vietnam. We are stuck up that mountain surrounded by busist while we were worshiping a sperit. For about five years now I gotten devorced and started feeling that I'm being followed but I didnt care I've gotten bathise and started folling God then I started hearing a high pitch ring and feeling strange emotions. There's been many people folling me so I began my own research. I don't know if I am rh negative but I've seen 24 pilllar and an eclipse and a crimson light came I to me while feeling love coming into me on a day where there was suppose to be two eclipse it was on Easter sunday. Then I drove across America got into a car reck going 120mph and came out without a scratch. Did some time and lurn things about the bible. Came out and it continue the emotions. So I left my home Georgia and went to Minnesota took a DNA test 23and me I don't know if they lied or what but I found out I am halpogroup A and L my A side goes back 275k years my L 180k. Now that I look at my life it seemed just like yours I feel like Truman in that Jim carry movie. I have been through so much but I feel yes rh negative should or should not be too open. There are lots of ignorant people out there people afrade or hatefull people. Thanks for your page tho. I see now that most wars in history has its own hidden agenda, that we are all apart of a grand design I just pray that Jesus comes back and the good guys win.

  17. When speaking of genetic memory I have worked out this belief a long time ago and when people talk of past life regression the this is merely genetic momory

    1. Yesss... I hold that same view. Glad to see someone else talk about this. I do not believe in past lives either. I do sense many things of old though.. I have sought the Lord on this and when I read about genetic memories and the monarch project re monarch butterflies, it resonated w me as well.

  18. Past life regression is merely genetic memory

  19. Pleased you are well now. In actual fact I did read somewhere that people with Rh neg blood group could not contract HIV Whether this is true I.m not ecactly sure

  20. Interesting but still missing hard cold facts. Anyone can write a story.

  21. God is angry about the treatment of his people because people threaten to kill them so God has sent a planetary system that is upon us right now everything is synchronised so my death would cause all death on earth no flesh saved this is Gods reaction to the people of earth being all evil and the treatment of his pure hearted people some ofthe people involved know of what is going tohappen to them but they wont give up becausse they worship satan and satan hates humans because he llost everything when he refused to worship them so he wants us all dead and i think its pretty obvious God feels the same way so i pray for a miracle bbefore its too late thats where we are at right now so pray hard for salvation from this situation

    1. I'm with you. There are the end times and something huge is coming on the great whore called mystery Babylon. Stay Blessed!

    2. Well you called that didn't you? I noted the day of your post November of 2019. A few months before the World started to unravel visionally for all people to see and begin to take notice. Nice work, be blessed!

  22. Its a long story so i just got strait to the point i have an incredible personal story about my life but im not going to reveal anything because of the content and many people know whoi am anyway so i will sick to the story i wrote for you i just hope the right people understand it becauuse all our lives are at stake God bless you all

  23. O negative here. I have been stalked and harassed all my life. I served in the military. I am continuously being monitored to this day. The torture has managed to "activate" super powers I never thought imaginable. It seems like they harder they try, the stronger my powers get. A pain in the butt as times but I wouldn't change it. Being telepathic, know certain future events, seeing auras it definitely worth it. The life of a servant...

  24. I am O Rhesus negative, 50 years old, Grafton NSW Australia, Ever since I can remember I have experienced the paranormal, I also have had very strange things happen to me, I have had been followed and my accounts hacked ,I use to think it was from certain members of my family that abused me when I was a child, but now I'm not so sure ,altogether I have had breast cancer and ovarian, I did not need chemo, just raiditiom treatment, I do heal fast
    Thank you

  25. Thank you. Very interesting. Also verified by the creepy illuminati recruiters.

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    1. More spam.. sending this out to hurting people is so wrong. I hate seeing people trying to fleece Gods flock. Elevate yourself to a higher place starting with honesty and integrity. You are on a site w Rh negative people. Many of us can see right through lies and deception.

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  28. I am Rh negative and for years I have been told that I didn't know what I was talking about because I didn't think about it for a long time. In 1969 my father dies of a brain tumor while I was in Wisconsin. I asked if he had a rain tumor which I knew he had and where he had it before the doctors identified it as a rare form of cancer that had taken over his entire cerebellum. When I am around someone who is hurting I can feel their emotions and should I hear someone talking to someone I get a gut feeling that I need to be there. Most of the time my gut feeling is correct like when I knew 6 miles away that I needed to be at a cousins house. It turned out that I did because a daughter of hers had tried to kill herself and I had to call people to get them to the hospital and be sure that her other two siblings were safe while the parents were gone. Again about 20 miles away I knew from a conversation that a friend of my dead wife's was in trouble and told my wife to go to her home. we did and it turned that her bipolar friend had tried to kill herself. When we got there we discovered that my feelings were right.

    1. The more you realize these things and stay in a place of truth and authenticity, the more things will come. When you look back on events for instance that you may have been lied to or deceived? You will probably begin to realize you always knew the truth. Quiet your mind in situations of chaos and you'll realize You Always Know. Trust it..

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  30. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this very well done article. I concur with all of it. My public campaign is to expose and stop these horrible crimes against humanity. I was blessed with mountains of evidence to corroborate the connections you make, especially concerning mkultra, project paperclip, RH negative blood and psychic ability. May the power of humanity and the truth bless us all with courage, remedy, resolve, truth and compensation. Thanks again. montrealexperiments.org, mkultragirl.org

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love what you are doing. I'm on the east coast of Canada. I would have loved to come to your match. Maybe someday.

  31. I have been "voice To Skulled", hit with "arificial anxiety pulse generated technologies,became suicidal,my career sabotaged,countless paranormal experiences, visitations, suffered tremendously with anxiety, depression that was never alliviated by mainstream medical and counselling modes of treatment. i am an 0 negative blooof Celtic heretage

    1. I am sorry you have gone through this. I do know there is tremendous power in the name of Jesus. Use it and believe it with your heart. The entities flee at the very name.

  32. I am a devout follower of Jesus Christ and have loved Him since I was a young girl. He died for me and my sins and yours. He said to believe in Him and you will receive life and a life with abundance. I have had unusual experiences my whole life. I had premonitions and quite a few electrical experiences. I am empathetic and love deeply. I have also hurt deeply, much trauma as a child but I have always felt protected by some unseen force. In my early 40s, I received a series of unusual letters in the mail that appeared international promising riches, fame, etc. In my spirit, I sensed something unusual and unsettling about them, very personal to me, no return address and promising all the earthly dreams a person could ever want. My whole life I felt like a loser, traumatic childhood (sexual abuse by several male family members), mentally ill mom that I cared for for 25 yrs, loss of my only sibling at 20, which ultimately led to drug, alcohol, food addictions, bad relationships, teen motherhood, no money, success etc. I felt like a failure by the worlds standards. I did manage to meet a man who cared for me financially while I got my life right but I knew he wasn't the answer to my internal healing. He only loved me the way an imperfect man could love. I wanted authentic and unconditional love. I wanted to be self sufficient no leaning on any human to care me fiscally so as not to give my power to another. This letter was like a dream come true. Something in my spirit didn't feel right though. I kept the letters hidden for a few months. When I got the final letter though I knew something was wrong. I was instructed that to be initiated into this special secret society, I simply had to sit on the floor, draw a pentagram around me, cite some incantations and do some strange rituals with items and wham I would be initiated. I knew then it was a spiritual invitation kind of like Jesus had in the 40 days in the desert with Lucifer promising him all the kingdoms of the earth. It is real folks. Turn away. The closer I got to Jesus the more the temptations came. I was on my own Road to Emmaus to finally meet Jesus. I had gotten completely clean, fit, right in body, mind and spirit which took an insurmountable amount of will, discernment of the Holy Spirit within me, and intimate walk with Christ through regular spiritual practice, Bible study and Church attendance. Hindsight I realized it was all a test. Incidentally I was born of the Holy Spirit just a few years afterwards. Its a supernatural life. Now I walk hand in hand with Jesus. The question begs "Who will you serve when the Lord returns"? Jesus Kingdom or the earthly kingdom / Mammon ruled by the Prince of this Word, the powers and principalities of this earthly domain? Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this Earth. I believe Him. So should you. I also met Jesus in spirit. It was my dream come true. He is real folks. He is pure, gleaning white light and love. He is waiting for you to come to Him in faith. He wants to dwell in your heart and your temple (body) so you can life life abundantly in His love to share with others. BELIEVE...

    1. Hello, friend

      I have a similar background to yours. I have also met Jesus in the dream world. It was so bright the air bent around Him like a mirage. It's fascinating how many people with spiritual ability are centering around the concept of Rhesus Factor. It would be interesting to make a Discord group to share ideas.

    2. Thank you for sharing. Jesus brought me to the foot of the Cross as he suffered and than surrounded me with his love. It literally took my breath away. I don't know if there is a connection with Rh-. I am not convinced about the Rh being the Tribe of Dan or a Nephilim hybrid. I have only had a pure heart my whole life. I have had unusual psychic experiences though and unquestionable events. I am also undergoing ascension since 2017. There sure is a lot of disinformation out there. If you decide to do a group let me know. I need to find my Tribe.

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  34. Kate, thanks for all the work you have done researching and posting this. I have had 3 kids myself so know how busy you must be. I am curious. Do you think the DNA testing is a way for Globalists to compile a unified list of DNA and perhaps a culling of sorts to reduce population? I have been reluctant to do so. Of course the human side of me is curious about my ancestry.

    1. Honestly I do believe consumer DNA tests are truly for the global elite to have more information on the population. Sadly so many people have take part in these test that even if you haven't taken one the most likely have you and your family tree and enough DNA to build a profile for you or anyone. They caught a serial killer using what I'm talking about. The killer hadn't did a a ancestral DNA test but people he was related to did. Using DNA recovered at the scene his families DNA and family tree the got him. I believe they use these DNA banks to keep an eye on the population and anyone who may be of use. It also could be used to formulate bioweapons that specifically target people who carry certain genetic material. I believe the Zika virus may have been such an experiment.

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  39. They tried and tried to get me to kill myself. Everyone thought I was crazy, and I couldn't get people to understand. I notice things, that others dont, I saw the white gov cars following me, I fricking knew but getting others to believe, pointless. Say what I know out loud, let them know your on to them. Let others know if u come up missing, what it's from. Once they know u can see them and that I know your not crazy, they back off. Don't let them get to your head, GOD is much bigger, and he is the only one to truly trust and count on. Been there, survived it, but it's a daily war, but I will be top. Back the fuck off my life, I will prevail, and our powers can lead many and they know it. Keep that in mind, they don't like that others are drawn to us, and trust our true wisdom, so if we look crazy, we can't lead the heard. You get it?, god blessed all of ours. See yourself and love the challenge

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  42. This article just explained so many things for me & I am shook right now. That doesn't even explain it right. I'm flat out terrified! Honestly I think I preferred to think I was crazy. This all makes so much sense. What do i do now?

  43. Yeah... I think this article is full of crap.

  44. I liked the article very much.
    I also started to discuss about roots from our past life on our wonderful world.
    Lastly, I came across the Bible and the revelation of mankind without being religious.
    Well, I am a native German or as in the early time of Christ also called Israeli.
    Our ancestors all come from Germania once. We are the first Celts. It is not called the heart of the world without reason. It is located in our wonderful harz and with it the ark of the covenant in goslar/Jerusalem. Everything told until the Middle Ages, from far eastern or southern countries, took place with us. Who has seen Asterix and oberlix, knows why this game is played until today. The eternal fight of the Gauls and Romans. The Roman Empire still exists on our soil and is trying to crush us.I sincerely hope that in the near future justice will be done for the numerous murders that have been committed against the Germans on our soil for thousands of years.
    According to historical research, Italy was settled late and the Greek culture, palaces are works of the great Germanic tribes.
    We are the original race of the germanic people with this sensational blood group negative. I myself am blood group zero negative.
    There was much trickery by powers, so that it is difficult to see the truth. It is written in bibles, on stones, in runes, the megalithic sites, ley lines, even the crucifixion site is preserved. He was actually pierced by arrows.
    Jesus Christ is a native Saxon, who went through several careers by abilities of incarnation, like all the other powerful beings.
    We already know that this blood group has mastered abilities for a long time and with the help of rituals and providences such a thing is really possible.
    Only unfortunately our history is to be suppressed until today, so that we will not regain our strengths / abilities and as a slave race to continue to serve the elites.
    I would not have thought that the Bible would be once so revealing.
    It is now time to connect the history to make something new out of it.

    If interest exists, gladly after the present time you times to Germany look or visit if possible and some would freeze before astonishment.

    Best regards from Germany
    Tina Schütze

    1. I beleive the Bible is coded for awakening. I read it 6 times as a kid. In my early 40s was compelled to read it again after a vision with Christ during a tremendous time of suffering of my soul. The eve I finished Jude the last Book before Revelation I woke up vibrating. There is a documentary out on it on either Netflix or Gaia, can't recall. I have not done the DNA test because I know intuitively there are rulers that are collecting this info. I was told there is Irish, German, Italian and Jewish. I have had supernatural events my whole life. I was also contacted by the Illuminati several times in a very discreet way and thought that was really odd. After awakening I walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. God who uses us to shine His truth/light into the world. We have no power unto ourselves. The Bible is the truth and when we live in the truth, God can uses us to bear fruit for the Kingdom. Everything else is a lie.

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  47. Um well for one thing, they test pregnant women’s blood for rh negativity because you need to get a rhogam shot or subsequent pregnancies will fail if the babies are positive, so that’s one of I’m sure many blatant falsities in this post.

  48. I have known somehow that this was going on and I noticed myself being watched and I confronted them. They were to me laws. I was told I was a targeted individual and that I was on a list. I was completely blown away at the things I was told and I won't speak on but I have been stalked now got years and I will say this article is absolutely the truth. I have lived with sabatage and most of the people I used to know are dead. I struggle day to day and it just never seems for me that these forces are to blame. I have so much to say on this. Thank u for putting this out there because we can't all be crazy. My blood line is of direct decent of royalty and to moses. I am rh-. I too have had many odd happening and I also feel a threat to my life and my ability to prosper. I will not live in fear though and if this is happening to u you are not alone.

  49. Ive shared some of the things ive learnt about my blood type and everyone just tells me im crazy and should be locked up. ive always felt off from the rest of the world but kept it to myself. Ive always known i was being watched but no one to tell it to. Im so scared for myself and my daughter who is only three months old after finding out she has rh neg blood as well. Im so scared of death and whats to come for us but im glad that i dont feel so alone anymore

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  52. I am Orh- and definitely know I'm being followed. I am 4 and a half years Cryptically pregnant with twins. Yes 4 and a half years. I have also been abducted twice. Pretty sure my babies are more alien than me.