Paranormal Abduction Experience

 My mother and father lived together in his house for the first 3 years of my life. My father inherited his home from his grandfather back in 1973, when he was 14 years old. The house was built in 1909 on property that my family owned for many generations. My fathers family is of German descent, but married wives of Irish and English descent. My father's family migrated to Canada in the mid 1700's, from Germany. They were foreign Protestants who left their homeland to escape persecution. They settled in Nova Scotia, what is now known as Lunenburg county. It is known as a German settlement. My family lived and raised their families in the same area for the last ten generations.

While I lived in my father's old house as a small child I would always go missing . My mother would run across the road to my grandparents in a panic because she couldn't find me. Sometimes my mother would be relieved to find me safe with them, while other times she wouldn't be so lucky. My grandmother would become infuriated with my mother because she couldn't understand why she couldn't keep an eye on me. She would accuse my mother of being neglectful. My mother would always proclaim her innocence and how she had no idea how I disappeared so fast. They would all go searching for me, and when they would finally find me I would always be in a deep sleep. There was no telling where I would turn up. Sometimes I would be asleep outside in tall grass, while other times I would be found asleep in my bed. Sometimes my mother and grandparents would find me in places they searched several times; like my bed. I went missing so often my mother would absolutely dread going to my grandparents for help, my grandmother would always shame and berate her for losing track of me. My grandmother's worst fear was that I'd go missing during the cold months and end up freezing to death.

I have distinct memories of going places without my mother while I lived at my dad's house. I would start walking in a direction at a normal pace, once I got a certain distance my pace would quicken. As if I was walking faster than my feet could carry me. Looking back on these experiences, it was like an invisible force was pulling me away in a linear motion. Another strange aspect about my experiences of being taken it was never against my will.

 The one thing that remained the same about these journeys away from home was my destination. I would always be taken to what I can best describe as a dark hole. Sometimes I'd be walking in my house and the hole would appear, while other times I would be outside and I would be taken a great distance before the black hole would appear. Every time I reached the dark hole and went inside of it, I would black out. I have no memory of what would happened while I was inside the blackness or how long I would be gone. I remember I would become increasingly tired as I approached the black hole. The closer I got to it the heavier my eyes would become. Once I would get inside I would lose consciousness.

I will tell you about the incident I remember with the most clarity. My memory of this incident begins as I was walking out the front door of my house and down my drive way. I don't know why I did this, I knew I was forbidden to go out on the road. Once I reached the bottom of my driveway I took a left turn and began walking down the road. I realized I was headed in a direction I had never gone before. I was use to taking a right turn with my mom and walking the short 10 yard distance down the road to my grandparents house. Up to this point of my short life I never once walked with my mom in the direction I was now walking all by myself. When I noticed I was a good distance away from my home I suddenly wanted my mom to come with me, but for some reason I knew she couldn't come. I began desperately missing my mom, this made me fearful. Out of nowhere a sense of tranquility washed over me. I calmly came to the realization that I had to go alone and couldn't turn back. Due to how calm I felt my fear diminished substantially but it did not go completely away.

I remember once I passed my neighbors house my pace began to speed up. I was still going through the motions of walking, but I could no longer sense the ground beneath my feet. I was taking in all my surroundings as I went up the road. I remember looking at the pavement and the yellow line in the middle of the road. I remember looking at the sand on the side of the road and seeing bits of garbage, a crushed pop can to be exact. I remember looking at the bushes that were growing up out of the ditch. I remember the sky was bright blue with only a few big fluffy clouds. My pace began to pick up as I passed a few more houses but I was going much to fast to take in any of the details. I was going so fast that everything became a blur. I dropped my gaze and began looking down at the road, even though I was going fast I could still make out the consistent yellow line of the road. I stoped going through the motions of walking and just stood straight up. All of a sudden the pavement ran out and a dirt road began. My pace began to slow down. I noticed the dirt road was becoming narrower, and trees and bushes were on either side of the path. I could notice the ground beneath my feet once more so I began walking again. As I walked down the path I noticed I was in the woods. All I could see around me were tree trunks and branches. The trees were blocking the sun and casting shadows. I could still make out the blue sky through the branches and leaves. I began wondering where I was going. My fear began creeping back up on me. Once I realized I was a long ways from my mom and I didn't know how I was going to get back to her I began to cry. I only just began to cry when I noticed that it became very dark a short distance down the path. On either side of the darkness I could make out trees and green leaves but when I looked at the darkness I couldn't see anything but blackness. All of a sudden I became very calm again and my fear all but disappeared. It was as if a wave washed over and it left me totally at peace.

I drew this picture as a visual of my experience.

 Once again I could no longer feel the ground beneath my feet. I noticed I was moving, I was being pulled toward the darkness that was blocking the path.  As I got closer to the darkness I noticed it had a circular shape; it reminded me of a hole. I also noticed the outer edges of the black hole seemed to be a transparent mist. In the middle of the black hole there was a complete absence of light. I could see nothing but blackness. As I got closer to the black hole I noticed that the darkness was extending out towards me in a haze. Once I was pulled inside the black mist I remember looking over my shoulder to see the bright blue sky through the black haze. When I stopped looking over my shoulder and looked straight ahead of me all I could see was black darkness. This scared me so I tried to look behind me again to get a glimpse of the bright blue sky but all I could see was total darkness. Every which way I turned all I could see was blackness, and what can only be described as an electrical pulse began coursing through my entire body, at this point I lost consciousness. These experiences with entering the dark hole were always accompanied by a sensation of electricity all over my body. The more I struggled or resisted what was happening the more intense the electrical sensation would become. I believe this sensation is what would cause my blackout's.
I don't remember my next coherent moment or how I got home. Not long after this particular experience I do remember asking my mother if there was a dirt road that lead into the forest at the end of our road. I asked because I wanted to know if what I experienced was real. I figured if there wasn't a dirt road leading into a woods at the end of our road my expeiernce hadn't been real. To my surprise she told me yes there is a dirt road that leads into the woods at the end of our road. That it was my great uncle Jacks' logging road.

I told her as best as I could how I went there all by myself and about the black hole. My mother brushed what I told her off as an over active imagination. Every time I would tell my mother about the  strange and frightening things I experienced she would always chalk it up to my imagination. This use to upset me because I knew it was real. To this day my mother believes my disappearances were due to me hiding on her and not responding to her calling for me because I would fall asleep in my hiding spot. The one aspect she found strange about my short disappearances was once she found me she couldn't wake me. She would carry me into the house and lay me into my bed. Sometimes I wouldn't wake til the next day.

It leads me to wonder if I narrowly escaped death or a permanent disappearance in to the unknown. You hear of small children going missing all the time and being found in strange areas seemingly impossible for them to get to on their own. Sometimes these children are never seen again. I'm very interested with the Missing 411 project because it is the public's best chance at figuring out what is going on with all the strange disappearances. It makes me wonder if there are intelligent entities out there that can transverse between dimensions and abduct people. I'm not sure who these entities are, or why they're taking people. My intuition is telling me these people are being taken by a force that is not yet understood and is far beyond our understanding. I believe the shadow government is working with these entities and they are actively covering up the disappearances. People who experience paranormal abductions are typically Rh negative.

As I've gotten older and as I've had more of these paranormal experiences I've noticed that the electrical sensation is a common aspect of each and every experience, despite how different in nature each experience may be. I've read that other people that when having a paranormal experience have also felt this electrical pulse. If you have felt this electrical sensation during your own paranormal experience I would love to hear from you. This sensation is a common aspect to all paranormal experiences and so it's a major clue to finding out who or what's behind all of these strange occurrences. I've kept most of what I experienced to myself. I have confided my experiences with close family members who have their own paranormal experiences. I decided to speak out about what's been happening to me and my family because I know other people are going through the same thing. I know my blog will make me out to be a crazy person to those who have never had the unknown enter their lives but it's a risk I'm willing to take if it will help others speak out.

If you ever had any strange paranormal abduction experiences when you were a child or adult please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

If you do not feel comfortable sharing your own experiences in the comment section because of how personal these experiences are and the stigma associated with such claims. You can email me at if you'd like to discuss what you've been through with me. The few personal experiences of mine that I've shared on my blog aren't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I've been through. I'm longing to correspond with people who also have paranormal experiences.

I also want to say thank you to all of the people who have taken the time to read my blog! I sincerely appreciate all the people who have taken the time to comment, like and share my write ups.