Strange Medical Procedures

I'm writing this particular post because I want to know if any other Rh Negative people have been subjected to strange and unnecessary medical procedures at anytime during their life, but specifically shortly after they were born. I have O negative blood, and I was subjected to risky and unnecessary medical procedures as a new born baby. This experience has left me wondering if there were malicious intentions behind these medical procedures.  I'm going to share little bit of my family history and what happened to me shortly after I was born. If you have had a similar experience and believe it may have been due to your Rh negative blood I would greatly appreciate if you would shared your personal experiences and your thoughts on this subject.

My mother had just graduated high school shortly before she learned that she was pregnant with me   My mother was from a small forest community where most people, especially the men dropped out of school to go to work in the forestry industry. In fact that has been my fathers main source of income all of his life. My mother graduated top of her class with a handful of other students, and won several scholarships. She planned on taking a nursing course. When my mother suspected she might be pregnant she became worried about having to put off school. Although it did inconvenience her, she wanted to keep her baby.

As soon as my mother suspected she may be pregnant she automatically went to her family doctor to have her pregnancy medically verified. My mother said her family doctor became a tad bit hateful with her when he  reported the results of her pregnancy test with her. He told my mother that she had to make sure she attended all scheduled medical appointments and follow through with all of the ordered medical tests. He also told her he would be contacting Child Protective Services to report her pregnancy, and if she failed to attend any of her scheduled medical appointments he would report her and she would risk having her child put in foster care. What he said really upset my mother because she was a responsible person and she did not understand why he would threaten to have her baby taken away from her. My mother thought maybe it had something to do with her age because she was only 18. She felt that she was better off then most teenage mothers because she was in a steady relationship with my father who owned a house and property.

My mother didn't notice anything strange about how she was being medically cared for until she became pregnant with my sister. She has mentioned that she had no where near as many medical tests done with my sister's pregnancy. My mother was made to have two separate Amniocentesis tests performed when she was pregnant with me but never had to have this test done with any of her other pregnancies. An amniocentesis also referred as an amniotic fluid test is a medical test used to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities. This test is usually optional for women who have an increased risk of genetic and chromosomal problems. I find it strange that my mothers doctor made this test mandatory because my family does not have a history of genetic or chromosomal illnesses, such as Down syndrome. Also this test is very invasive because it consists of inserting a long needle through the woman's abdominal wall, through the uterus wall, and finally into the amniotic sack to withdraw the amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby. This test can result in spontaneous miscarriage or harm to the fetus. My mother was made to have two of these tests done! My mother was 19 when she gave birth to me and my dad was only a few years older! Neither my mom nor my father had a history of chromosomal illnesses! Women over the age of 40 are given the option of having this test because due to their age they're at an increased chance of having a child with Down syndrome. Many women only have the test because they don't want to give birth to a baby with down syndrome. If the test comes back positive for Down syndrome or any other debilitating illness, they terminate the pregnancy! My mother asked why she had to have a second test done, she was told that the second test was necessary because the first test hadn't successfully collected enough fluid. My mother took the doctors word, but she had been nervous during the first test, and could remember asking if everything went like it was suppose to when the test was finishd. The doctor had reassured her that the test went smoothly.

My mother gave birth to me on Thursday, April 2nd, 1992. I was born in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. I was born weighing an average weight of 7lbs 7oz. My mother had a healthy pregnancy, which she attended all medical appointments and prenatal classes for. When shortly after I was born the doctors told my mother I was running a low grade fever. The doctor said I had to be quarantined because the doctor suspected I had some sort of infectious illness that could spread to other patients in the hospital. My mother couldn't interact with me. They ran several blood tests and urinalyses. Which all came back fine. I was a new born baby if i picked up an infectious illness you would think the only person I could've caught it from would've been my mother. They did not perform any tests on my mother whatsoever! My mother had been discharged from the hospital and the hospital staff made it clear that due to me being in quarantine she wouldn't be able to stay over night with me. So my mother went to stay with her mother who lived near the hospital so she could be nearby and check in on me. On one of the occasions she came to the hospital the doctor sat her down to explain a medical waiver for a spinal tap. He explained that there was a 60% chance that the procedure could cause paralysis but it was a necessary procedure. The test came back perfectly normal. My mother was relieved but sh was beginning to get upset. All of the countless tests came back normal. So in her mind I was perfectly healthy. She asked the doctor if he planned to dissect me just to make sure I was healthy. Not long after she made this snide remark she was told there was nothing wrong with me that my fever was caused by having to many layers on. They said that they removed my blanket and my fever went away.

I suffered having to be poked countless times with needles for no apparent reason! If I would've been paralysed it would've been for no logical reason! I was isolated for the first week of my life! A new born baby is programmed to initiate and enter a bonding relationship! This is how a life long attachment begins! I was subjected to painful medical procedures and my mother couldn't even comfort me afterwards.  The first few days of life are believed to be the optimum opportunity for bonding to take place. When this bonding doesn't occur it can cause lifelong problems with being able to have healthy relationships with people. Something I have great difficulty with! Now that I'm older and I've learned of how much research has been taking place with Rh negative blood it leaves me wondering if the collection of amniotic fluid which contains live fetal stem cells and the collection of spinal fluid which can be used to grow stem cells were used in some sort of secret research program.

You may think I'm just being paranoid but I've had other very strange occurrences happen when seeking medical care. I've been given costly medical treatment for free! I had to take a treatment that would've cost $64,000! A months worth of one medication in the form of tablets had a price tag of $15000! My pharmacist was astonished when he filled the prescription. He said it was the first time in his career that he handled such costly medication. He also advised me not to lose them.

I didn't have medical insurance and I didn't meet the guidelines to have government assistance. My specialist applied for me anyways because she said there was no harm in trying. When my application was excepted she couldn't understand why? She told me she applied for 76 other people around the same time she applied for me and I was the only one who was accepted. She also told me that a few of the other people were in life or death situations and they had been denied. She said she wasn't going to bother asking any questions because I needed the treatment because later in life I could develop fatal symptoms. The treatment lasted for 12 weeks by the third week I was cured! The doctor was astonished. The only catch to having the government pay for my treatment I had to sign a release of information so my medical records could be studied. I had a few follow up appointments, my last one was 6 months after my treatment finished and my doctor told me that in the last year I was the only person to be accepted for government assistance. She told me that I was beyond lucky and how she still doesn't understand why I was accepted. I believe I was accepted due to my blood type. I think they wanted to know how an Rh negative person specifically an O negative person reacted to this specific treatment. My specialist told me that I was cured in record time. Some people go into this treatment just to slow the disease down to buy a little time with no hope of being cured.  Apparently my body was doing a good job of fighting the illness by its self it just needed a little help to heal completely.

If you've had any similar or strange unexplainable experiences while seeking health care please share in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!