The Ancient Red Haired Race; Rhesus Negative, CCR5 delta 32 Gene, Alien Connection

        Red hair is a rare trait found in only 1-2% of the human population. It occurs most frequently (2-6%) in people of European ancestry. Red hair is most common in Europeans and most likely originated within the Caucasian race. However red hair is also found in Asia. It is extremely rare but can be found in Xinjiang province China. I find this of particular interest because excavations of the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang have uncovered over 100 naturally mummified corpse's in what is now known as the Xiaohe cemetery. Many of these mummies were found to have red and blond hair, and were of European descent. These mummies represent a population of people who lived in Xinjiang China dating back anywheres from 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.
The Ugyhur people, of Xinjiang have red hair and some even look more European then Asian. They are most likely descendants of the red haired European mummies found in the Xiaohe cemetery. The Ugyhur claim to be the original inhabitants of this area and not later arrivals, as Chinese history claims. Official Chinese history claims that the Uyghur people came to the region in the 9th century. These two conflicting beliefs caused a lot of controversy when the Xiohe mummies were found. DNA testing of the 4000 year old European mummies have given the Uyghur people proof to back their claims of being the original inhabitants of Xinjiang province.

 Present day Ugyhur child.
A Uyghur child and his father.

  The bodies found in Xiaohe cemetery were amazingly well preserved. Due to how well they were preserved, it was easy to recognise their European features. The mummies had long noses and long skulls, thin lips, deep set eyes, blond and red hair.  Dr. Victor H. Mair of the University of Pennsylvania said " because the Tarim Basin Caucasoid corpse's are almost certainly representatives of the Indo-European family, and because they date from a time period early enough to have bearing on the expansion of the Indo-European people from their homeland, it is thought that they (the mummies) will play a crucial role in determining just where they (The European race) might have been. "

a. The forth layer of the Xiaohe cemetery showing numerous phallus and vulva posts; b. An ancient boat coffin; c. An extremely well preserved female mummy with distinct European features; d. A finely crafted coffin excavated from Xiaohe cemetery.

 DNA testing was carried out by Chunxiang Li, an ancient DNA specialist at Jilin University.  DNA testing produced several main mitochondrial DNA haplogroups in the ancient mummies. Li reported "The dominant haplogroups in the Xiaohe people was the East Eurasian lineage C" Which corresponds with a likely origin of South Siberia. "And two west Eurasian mitochondrial haplogroups H and K " Haplo group H is the most common and diverse maternal lineage in Europe. Haplogroup U  was also found to be a prominent mitochondrial DNA haplogroup found in the Xiaohe people. Haplogroup U is also found in the Baltic people. The Baltic people are found to have a high rate of Rh negative blood and the CCR5 delta 32 gene. The CCR5 delta 32 gene has been linked to a resistance to the HIV virus.

A map of Europe with relatively new data of showing the frequency of red hair.

A map of Europe with new data showing the frequency of RRC5 delta 32 gene.

I believe that if the Ugyhur people and the Xiaohe mummies were to be tested for Rh negative blood and the CCR5 delta 32 gene they would be found positive for both. If we look for a correlation between where the European mummies were found in the Tarim Basin and modern day Rh negative levels in the people of the Tarim Basin we will find a distinct pattern

Tarim Basin is where the European mummies were found in the Xiaohe cemetery.
This is a map with fairly outdated data
but nonetheless shows a high frequency of rhesus negative blood in the Tarim Basin area.

Rh negative blood is caused by a mutation on the short arm of chromosome 1 (1 p 36.2- p 34). I believe that Rh negative blood originated in the the European race. Particularly the Europeans who carry the mutation on their M1CR gene which causes red hair like the red hair mummies of China. There is a correlation between Rh negative blood mutation and a mutation of the CCR5 gene resulting in the CCR5 delta 32 gene. Those who have this mutation no longer have a CCR5 protein on the outside of their cells. Most strains of the HIV virus can not enter a cell if there isn't a CCR5 protein on the outside of the cell wall.  Rhesus negative blood, red hair and HIV resistance are all caused by mutations of unknown origins. All three traits are caused by genes found in the 7 trans membrane receptor family. These three mutations are found mainly in the European race, and admixture explains why these traits are found in low frequencies in other races. Why do Europeans have total deletions of seemingly common genes found in all other races? Why are Europeans so much different then the other races?

The first time suspected alien DNA had been tested it has been found to have the rare CCR5 delta 32 gene. 

Sydney, Australia. July 23, 1992. A man by the name of Peter Khoury awoke to two naked females kneeling on his bed. One woman appeared Nordic, blond, fair complected, and blued eyed. The other appeared to be Asian, dark complected, dark hair and dark eyes. The blond attempted to seduce Peter but due to Peters resistance they vanished as suddenly as they appeared. This case of alien contact has been set apart from all other alien abduction claims because biological evidence had been recovered - two strands of platinum blond hair from the mysterious blond female.Peter Khory's spectacular alien encounter resulted in the very first forensic analysis of Alien DNA. The hair revealed two different mitochondrial DNA, from the shaft of the hair a rare Chinese and from the soft root of the hair a Basque/Gaelic type DNA. DNA analysis also revealed the deletion of the CCR5 gene which is shown to be resistant to HIV and only occurs in 1% of the human population and 13% of the European population. 

Could this mean that the European race had other worldly beginnings? I will end this entry with a little food for thought. I think if we look into the mythology of today's red haired people we will find a few clues.

The Irish mythology speaks of a red and blond haired super race called the Tuatha De Dannan. They were said to come from four cities to the north of Ireland; Falias, Gorias, Murias, and Finias. They say they came by air and landed on  Connact mountain. The were also said to have 4 great treasures. The Stone of Destiny/Lia Fail, the Spear of Lugh, the Sword of Nuada, and the Cauldron of the Daghda. Could these great treasures described by early humans represent ancient advanced technology? A poem in the Lebor Gabàla Èrenn (Book of Invasions) says:
"It is God who suffered them, though He restrained them, They landed with horror, with lofty deed, In their cloud of mighty spectres, Upon a mountain of Conmaicne of Connacht, Without distinction to discerning Ireland, Without ships, a ruthless course the truth was not  beneath the sky whether they were of heaven or of earth"